The Myths of the Brussels Corps

There are two myths about the Brussels press corps. The first is it is in decline, whereas numbers have constantly risen. The second is it is the biggest foreign press corps in the world – a position held by London.

The following number of journalists and technical press (i.e. cameramen and photographers) were officially accredited with the European Commission in 2016:

Number of EU journalists

Men 599
Women 356
Total 955

Number of EU technical press

Men 285
Women 73
Total 358

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, it is also hosts the EU institutions, and is one of the most important international media centres. According to the European Commission there are 1,313 accredited journalists and technical press people from 62 different countries reporting from Brussels. In total they represent 487 media from 60 different countries around the world.

They cover European affairs, NATO and events in Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries. Many more journalists from all over the world visit Brussels for brief periods for EU related events or to report on the activities of the international institutions based here.

Despite what seemed to be a trend described by ‘The Economist’ in 2010 as ‘The incredible shrinking EU press corps’, the number of EU-accredited foreign correspondents has grown almost continuously over the last 40 years, from only 259 in 1976 to almost a thousand in 2016.


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