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Often overlooked, People are the most important ingredients in successful Communications and Public Affairs.  People without the right competencies, training or personality can actually harm an organization’s reputation and aggravate sensitive issues or miss opportunities.  Dober Partners helps organizations analyse competency, capability and resource gaps in their Communications and Public Affairs teams.  We develop People through coaching and training programmes. 

Mark Dober is a part-Owner and Senior Director of the Brussels office of Ellwood Atfield, the leading Executive Search & Selection Agency specialising in Communications, Public Affairs and Association Management.  Together, we aim to find and place the right people for jobs in Communications and Public Affairs.





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"80% of Communications job descriptions require the same core skills.... but Communications is a special kind of job.  One can learn the technical skills, the latest best practice, and study the subject academically at university; but the psychology of it - the ability to listen, persuade and influence - is in your personality"

Ben Atfield, recent article in the European Association of Communication Directors Magazine.



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Brussels Journalists Survey & what the findings reveal for Communicators.

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Client Case Study

Stop China Dumping

Dober Partners was contracted to deliver an ambitious project on behalf of EUROFER, the European Steel Association, and AEGIS a coalition of 30 manufacturing industry associations.

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