Dober Partners Values

Dober Partners are:

  1. People-Centric. People create success.  Our aim is to make our clients look and do better within their organizations, through the results we achieve together. 
  2. Independent. Our independence enables our clients to benefit from cost-efficiencies, impartial advice and innovative partnerships.
  3. Analytical.  Assumptions often lead to mistakes.  We like to make decisions on the basis of facts, research and analysis.
  4. Creative. In a world where so many interests are competing for attention those who stand out through creativity are more likely to win.  We create compelling visual and written identities for our clients.
  5. Honest.  We are honest about what is possible, and what is inadvisable.
  6. Charitable.  We like to do more than just good work.  We like to do good through our work with UNICEF and other NGO partners. 
  7. Fun-Loving. In our experience making work pleasurable leads to better outcomes. We are serious about delivering results for our clients but we like to have fun with them in the process. 



We are Brussels
specialists in the following areas:


Dober Partners offers services in the following areas:


Dober Partners aims to publish regular articles of interest:

EU Media Relations Report

UNICEF Quiz for Children

Brussels Journalists Survey & what the findings reveal for Communicators.

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Client Case Study

Stop China Dumping

Dober Partners was contracted to deliver an ambitious project on behalf of EUROFER, the European Steel Association, and AEGIS a coalition of 30 manufacturing industry associations.

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